If guests on hand next Saturday (May 25) for the '12 Years of DFA Records' party are the same folks who typically buy the label's releases, expect Brooklyn's Grand Prospect Hall to be filled with "really dorky white people." Those words come straight from 'Too Old to Be New, Too New to Be Classic,' a mini-documentary (watch below) about DFA produced by the Red Bull Music Academy, a traveling festival/symposium that brings together innovative musicians in cities around the world.

This year, the Academy is hunkered down in New York City, and the DFA b-day bash is just one of the many must-see events taking place at venues across the five boroughs.

Simply put, DFA's claim to fame is making hipsters dance, and no band did more to achieve that noble goal than LCD Soundsystem, the pet project of label co-founder James Murphy. While LCD called it quits in 2011 following a pair of farewell shows at Madison Square Garden, Murphy still steers the label, and he'll be front and center at next Saturday's Brooklyn soiree. So will many of the other artists -- Juan Maclean, Yacht, Planningtorock and Black Dice, to name a few -- responsible for giving DFA its distinctive sound. Some will perform live, others will DJ and everyone in the house will party like it's 2003.

Despite DFA's association with the short-lived "disco punk" movement of the early '00s, the label's output has been quite diverse. It's no wonder, then, that the Red Bull Music Academy thought to include the company in its New York City celebration. Genre-wise, this year's festival is characteristically eclectic, encompassing everything from hip-hop (check out Afrika Bambaata at the 'United States of Bass' throwdown on May 23) to dubstep (as in Skream, not Skrillex) and dub reggae (his royal Jamaican weirdness, Lee Perry). Click here for a full list of events.

Watch '12 Years of DFA: Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic'

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