By now, that new Geico motorcycle commercial is a little piece of ear candy that's just stuck in your head. Thanks to the song's bluesy stomp beginning and a wailing vocalist, it's instantly memorable -- and that's the point.

The song in the Geico motorcycle commercial is called 'Save Me,' and it comes from DC Productions, which is not an actual artist but an ad agency that has done a very solid job with their catchy new track. With the campaign, titled 'Geico Blueprint,' the producers set about creating a track that had a lot of personality to it.

In a behind-the-scenes video, it's revealed that Jay Harrison Gee, Amanda Gervas, and Rachel Ann Warren are among the backing vocalists for the track. Meanwhile, composer Sean Brennan also confirmed his participation in the sessions via his site.

The team as a whole was brought together by DC Productions, who have been working on Geico ads since 2009 and have also created ads for Stevenson University Radio. The 'Set Me Free' commercial currently airing is designed to showcase that Geico not only has your back for auto insurance, but for other items such as motorcycles, boats and more. If you like what you hear and want to catch the full song, 'Save Me' is currently available for free download and as a ringtone here.

Hear the Song in the Geico 'Set Me Free' Commercial