Los Angeles indie band the Submarines provide the music for the new 2012 Kindle Fire commercial in which users show off all the feature the device offers, from tweeting to game playing to magazine reading.

The Submarines song in the Kindle Fire commercial is actually called 'Fire,' which might have been an intentional decision to further the brand name. Or perhaps the name similarity was just coincidence, and the company's ad execs were simply taken with the song's infectious pop groove.

The song accompanies clips of people enjoying their Kindles. One guy reads the latest issue of Maxim, a young girl researches volcanoes for a school project, a woman watches an action film while waiting for her plane in the airport, and a coffee shop patron updates his Twitter feed. One cool kid even watches an episode of 'Scooby Doo.' The commercial boasts that the Kindle Fire costs only $199 and can be used for entertainment, internet browsing, games and more.

The Kindle Fire is Amazon's answer to Apple's iPad, which makes the Submarines an interesting choice for the commercial, since they've had songs used in iPhone commercials in the past. 'Fire' appears on 2011's 'Love Notes/Letter Bombs,' the group's third full-length album on Nettwerk. Amazon is selling the album for $5 for a limited time as part of its Kindle promotion.

Hear the Submarines' 'Fire' in the 2012 Kindle Fire Commercial