There is a new commercial out for the Kindle Touch that is airing in the U.K., and at first listen one might think it's a '60s-era soul song that's playing in the background. It's actually a song from 2009 called 'When They Fight, They Fight' by Generationals.

The ad shows various people enjoying their Kindle while on vacation. Apparently, it's very pool and beach-friendly. The commercial starts off with Kindle Touch in a packed suitcase, showing off its portability. The device can download thousands of books with just a push of a touchscreen button and weighs less than a paperback book.

Generationals are indie duo Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer from New Orleans, La., who released their debut album, 'Con Law,' in 2009, which is the record you can find 'When They Fight, They Fight' on. The band cites many different influences on their sound.

"For recording, we usually pull from a lot of classic rockish recording techniques," Widmer tells One Times One. "We use a tape machine and tube compressors and we try to make most things sound like George Martin or Jeff Lynne. The songs that inspire ideas for us come from all over the place though -- Janet Jackson, Tom Petty, MGMT, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, ELO."

Generationals released their second studio album, 'Actor-Caster,' last year. Amazon seems to have an affinity for indie pop bands, as the U.S. commercial for the Kindle Fire features music from the Submarines.

Watch the U.K. Kindle Touch Commercial Featuring Generationals' 'When They Fight, They Fight'