By now, most people are enjoying the warm weather and freshening up their homes' curb appeal. In case you need motivation, home improvement store Lowe's has a commercial out that features a catchy tune.

The song you hear is called 'Good Morning,' from the Nashville-based band the Kicks. Appropriately enough, Lowe's 'Fresh Cut Grass' commercial starts off with a morning lawn mowing session. The camera follows tiny grass particles as they make their way toward an unsuspecting man sleeping in his room.

Instead of going into a sneezing fit, the apparent magic grass acts as pixie dust from 'Peter Pan' and floats the gentleman down to his lawn. Soon enough, he starts doing yard work like it's the best thing in the world. Pretty soon the whole neighborhood is being controlled by the flight-giving lawn trimmings.

The song 'Good Morning' is taken from the Kicks' debut album, 'The Rise of King Richie,' which was released in 2009. Their most recent EP, 'Sputnik Sessions,' is available for purchase now. Lowe's isn't the first licensed appearance that the band's music has appeared in.

"The first one we got one we all got some Mexican food and we turned on the TV show — it was some teenybopper show, 'Pretty Little Liars'— we waited around, wondering when it was going to come on," frontman Jordan Phillips told the Emory Wheel. "But after a while, I just watch the clips on YouTube."

Hear the Kicks' 'Good Morning' in 2012 Lowe's Commercial