Taco Bell is all about convenience for the consumer. Where else can you get cheap Mexican food on the go until four in the morning? Now the fast food chain has made something else more convenient to eat: nachos. Taco Bell's latest commercial for the Beefy Nacho Burrito uses a song from a Detroit indie group with a deceiving name.

The ad starts off at an Anaheim Angels baseball game, where the player on deck blasts one into the crowd. One particular fan sees the baseball coming toward him but has a dilemma. He's holding a chip in one hand while the other holds his nachos. The power of TV magic quickly swaps out our hero's antiquated nachos technology and replaces it with the compact Beefy Nacho Burrito. Now he can catch the home run ball with his free hand and look like a stud in front of his pals.

The song you hear in the background of the commercial is called 'Morning Thought' from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. The band consists of Daniel Zott, Joshua Epstein and Mike Higgins. Zott and Epstein met while performing in various bands in the Detroit music scene and soon started working on their 'Horse Power' EP. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. released their debut album, 'It's a Corporate World,' last year.

Hear Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.'s 'Morning Thought' in the 2012 Taco Bell Nacho Superstar Commercial