Retail giant Target is promoting its summer product line with a commercial featuring one of the poppiest, most upbeat songs we've heard in a long time.

The commercial opens with a small striped tent on the beach. Suddenly, dozens of beach balls shoot out from the tent onto the beach, followed by a group of people who have fun kicking them around. The spot goes on to depict a number of scenes you'd expect to see during summer at the beach, from frisbee tossing to sitting under a sun umbrella to playing badminton.

As the spot ends, the scene turns to night, and the beach friends sit around a fire and enjoy the nice evening. The commercial concludes with the familiar bullseye logo and Target's motto, "Expect more. Pay less." The implication is that everything people need for summer can be purchased at Target.

Throughout the ad, viewers hear the indie pop song 'Cacti Are Delicious Fruit' — yes, that's really the title — by Montreal band Les Handclaps, who sing in French and English. The track is featured on the album 'Ouh Ouh Ah!' The electro-pop act formed in 2006 and has yet to dent the charts in America, but if this song is any indication, we'd like to hear more from them. Their music has also been featured in ads for Canadian communications company Telus.

Hear Les Handclaps' 'Cacti Are Delicious Fruit' in the 2012 Target Beach Commercial