Well, all right! Here's a welcomed new summer jam. As 7Horse, Phil Leavitt and Joie Callo are an emerging West Coast duo who are rustling up a mix of delta dirt and space dust with their riff-charged, choogling single 'Meth Lab Zoso Sticker.'

If a track with a name like that evokes a few familiar faces with a penchant for goofy-ass song titles, you're on the right track. Calio pushes his syncopated, rock da mic style of space blues through an echo effect, Beck-style. And at times, it also evokes the sound of Ween with a little less scoliosis and a bit more swagger.

It's a druggy song, and not just in name. We're left wondering just how songcrafting Calio and former Blue Man Group stickman Phil Leavitt ended up breaking bad with a Zephead, but by the time the track wipes out, it's offered up enough narco-fueled haziness to make the listener forget just what they thought they were getting into with a song called 'Meth Lab Zoso Sticker' to begin with.

The duo, who have been long-time collaborators with their band dada, are still hustling up buzz for 7Horse, playing club dates and the occasional mid-sized music festival (including the 4&20 Blackbird Music Festival in Weed, Calif., on Aug. 4 -- it's kind of like a Christmas in July party with more, ahem, mistletoe.)

All in all, the song is a solid, pre-worn track ready to inspire a little heatwave hedonism.

But we're deducting one irrelevant point from the score: A band who can title a track something brilliantly stupid like 'Meth Lab Zoso Sticker' should be able to come up with a band name that sounds like it didn't flop out of a Nebraska junior high talent show.

Listen to 7Horse, 'Meth Lab Zoso Sticker'