The Acura ILX is a new entry-level model for Honda's luxury brand, and to help get the word out, Honda engineers undertook a high-tech art project of epic proportions. Equipping the windows of an ILX with hi-def screens that face outward and loop video featuring various patterns and designs (waves crashing, clouds billowing, sparks flying, blurry things blurring), they created an eye-catching installation piece, then installed it by parking the car outside of the legendary El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Soon enough, a gaggle of hipsters surrounds the ride, mesmerized by the trippy video art.

A jumble of words flashed on the screen during the ad throw out some statistics behind the making-of the art car: seven million pixels with 48,600 frames of content; 7,500 independently controlled LEDs; 1,149 lines of interactive lighting program and 4,600 hours of design and build time. All of those figures except the last are too abstract to mean anything to us, but it definitely sounds like they put a lot of work into this project. With a starting price of $25,900, the ILX is a reasonable option in the luxury market, but we're sure the souped-up, artsy version would cost a pretty penny more -- if it's even for sale.

In case you can't tell from the billboard above the El Rey, the song playing is by Canadian indie rock quartet Metric. In fact, 'Help I'm Alive,' the first single off their 2009 'Fantasies' album, is by all measures the band's biggest hit to date, and to see it featured prominently in a commercial four year's after it first  dropped is a little surprising. Then again, Metric are too busy touring the world behind their latest album, 'Synthetica,' to keep tabs on such things.

And who knows, they may have a brand new video-equipped Acura waiting for them when they return home from tour.

Watch the Acura ILX 2012 Commercial Feat. Metric's 'Help I'm Alive'