For many women, having a baby is a daunting (and even terrifying) experience -- but according to the latest U.K. tabloid rumors, Adele's boyfriend is trying to take the edge off by promising her a necklace worth nearly $5,000 once the little one is born.

The rumor has bubbled up in the pages of Heat, where it's being reported that boyfriend Simon Konecki "has his eye on a Gold Buddha necklace, designed by artist Lady Marina Cowdray." (You can see the sculpture that inspired the necklace, which is being referred to as a "push present," at Cowdray's website.)

As the tabloid notes, post-partum jewelry has become something of a tradition among the wildly successful; Mariah Carey added a diamond and sapphire necklace to her collection after giving birth to twins last year, and Keith Urban reportedly gave Nicole Kidman a diamond crucifix after their daughter was born in 2008.

What do you think, ladies? Would the promise of some expensive jewelry make it easier for you to get through labor and delivery?