We've all been in situations where we're in a coffee shop and we've had to ask a stranger to watch our belongings while we answer nature's call. But what happens when you're looking after a child and the person sitting next to you is one of the world's biggest recording stars?

On Thursday (Aug. 2), Adele was sitting in Caffe Nero in the Chelsea section of London when a woman, according to the Telegraph, asked her to watch a baby while she visited the ladies' room. Adele, who is reportedly expected to give birth to her first child next month, readily obliged and played with the boy and and posed for photographs until the woman, a nanny, returned.

Leaving a child with a world-famous celebrity might not seem like the best idea -- and we can think of several we would never trust with such an important task, even for a few minutes -- but maybe the nanny knew what she was doing. After all, in a tabloid-driven society like England's, Adele would be left with no choice but to be trustworthy or it would dominate headlines for weeks. Even if she refused, they would likely report on how her regular-girl image is a lie now that she's major pop star.

Still, the baby's parents were reportedly not happy with the nanny's decision. Some things are more important than brushes with greatness.