It is no secret that Adele harbors feelings of bitterness and resentment toward her father, Mark Evans. However, after hearing the recent news of her pregnancy, Evans is reportedly desperate for his daughter's forgiveness and wants to make amends -- but will she let him?

The British Grammy Award-winning artist cut ties with her father following years of alcohol abuse and neglect. Evans has since admitted to his faults and stated in a recent interview that "I know I've been a drunk and a self-pitying fool" and that "a day doesn't go by when I don't wish I could change things."

Apparently, Adele was so angry with him that she chose not to share the news of her pregnancy with him personally. Instead, Evans found out that he will soon be a grandfather from his own mother (Adele's grandmother), with whom the singer remains very close. Evans caught wind of the exciting piece of information before Adele announced it to the public, and he confessed that it was difficult for him to keep quiet about it. "I found that really hard because I was desperate to talk to friends about the mixed feelings of happiness for her and rejection that I was experiencing."

Despite their tumultuous past, Evans has expressed his keen desire to do right by his daughter and be allowed back into her life -- as well as the life of his future grandchild. He said, "I am begging her to give me another chance … It breaks my heart to think I might not see her in the years ahead or hold my little grandchild in my arms."

Adele is rumored to be seven months pregnant, but this has not been confirmed. It is also unknown if she plans on reconciling with her father any time soon.