It's pretty obvious Adele is rolling in cash -- the 'Rolling in the Deep' singer's 2011 album '21' has been certified nine times platinum in the United States alone and has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide -- but when it comes to numbers, how does the British songbird stack up against her fellow entertainers? According to Forbes magazine, she's doing well enough to land in the Top 10 of its tally of top-earning celebrities under the age of 30.

The business magazine reports that Adele earned $35 million between May 2011 and May 2012, enough to place her at No. 6 on the list. That's a hair over $20 million less than crossover country star Taylor Swift made in the same time frame; Swift pulled in $57 million to top the Forbes under 30 list. Pop star Katy Perry sits at No. 5 with earnings of $45 million, while actress Kristen Stewart is right behind Adele at No. 6 after banking $34.5 million in the last year.

It may seem that the top-selling artist of the year should place higher on the list, but remember that Adele has been on vacation for much of the last year. She embarked on her sold out Adele Live Tour in March 2011 and played several dozens of dates through to September, but ended up having to cancel numerous concerts due to a vocal hemorrhage and skipped another trek entirely to undergo throat surgery just as she was beginning to hit much larger -- and thus more lucrative -- venues.

The Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30 List

1 - Taylor Swift ($57 million)
2 - Justin Bieber ($55 million)
3 - Rihanna ($53 million)
4 - Lady Gaga ($52 million)
5 - Katy Perry ($45 million)
6 - Adele ($35 million)
7 - Kristen Stewart ($34.5 million)
8 - Lil Wayne ($27 million)
9 - Taylor Lautner ($26.5 million)
10 - Robert Pattinson ($26.5 million)