Adele has denied multiple reports that she has married fiance Simon Konecki, taking to Twitter on Thursday (Aug. 30) to make a hard-to-misinterpret post that reads, in full: "I'm not married...Zzzzzzz." The Daily Mail started rumors on Wednesday that the singer had recently tied the knot by citing a splashy front page of Life and Style magazine that pictured the singer wearing a wedding band alongside a headline that proclaimed: "Married!"

The accompanying story didn't go as far as confirming the nuptials, simply noting that "Adele and Simon managed to keep the baby news a secret for so long that there are rumors they’ve already gotten married, too." However, a follow-up story in the Daily Mail the following day did seek to verify the claim, citing an unidentified source as saying, "They did get married, and I was present. It was a fabulous occasion."

Whether married or not -- and we're going to side with Adele for now, but you never know -- the singer and her fiance are expecting their first child together some time in the next month. As the Life and Style piece points out: "She’s an old-fashioned girl and can’t wait to be part of a family unit. She just wants to focus on the baby and the man she loves."