The year might be coming to a close, but that's not stopping Adria from sharing a brand-new music video for 'Pull Me Under' with her fans.

The Australian breakout combines the dark undertones of Lorde with the pop vibe of Banks and sultriness of Lana Del Rey. With a monochrome look and her femme fatale vibe, the new visual looks a lot like a modern-day noir film thanks to director Jason Eshraghian.

"I’m attracted to its characteristics -- strength, calmness, roughness, fluidity,” she said in a statement. “It can be ruthless yet it can also be still and quiet which I like. It can take on so many different personalities which i think can be mirrored with human characteristics."

'Pull Me Under' is the first track Adria has released in the U.S., and the Aussie singer-songwriter promises more music in 2015.