Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace -- formerly known as Tom Gabel -- says that ever since she came out as transgender last month, her father has basically refused to speak to her. She says that it has "completely ended my relationship with my father." And while she admits that "the way he was portrayed in the Rolling Stone article [that outed her] was a little harsh," Grace also says that she has "apologized for that" and hopes to continue a relationship with her dad.

"He tried calling, I tried calling him back but then he wouldn't call me back," Grace tells MTV News of her father's initial reaction. "I wrote a long letter [and] apologized for not telling him in person before, that I felt like a total coward for that. I explained about gender dysphoria, I told him if he had any questions, there were books I could point him in the direction of reading."

She continues: "He wrote me back maybe a two or three sentence-long email that just said, 'There was something very lacking in your presentation. For now the door is open, but we'll see.' And that's it."

Meanwhile, Grace says the difference in her life before disclosing her condition about a month ago and after has been "night and day," adding that "it made a world of difference in my life. I find that in a lot of situations in the past where I would have gotten frustrated or angry, I am a lot more calm and centered. I just feel at ease and like myself. Physically, I feel impatient."

Against Me! currently are trekking across North America -- with Grace performing her first-ever tour concerts as a she -- and the band has dates scheduled through June 23 in Los Angeles, Calif., before heading overseas for several European summer festival appearances. Check out their updated itinerary here.

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