French electronic pop duo Air are releasing a collection of songs, which were written as the soundtrack for a museum exhibit in France, exclusively on vinyl.

Stereogum reports that Vinyl Factory is releasing 1,000 copies of the LP 'Music for Museum,' which features nine original compositions by Air — their first new material since 2012.

Air are soundtrack specialists by this point. In addition to providing the scores or songs for most of Sofia Coppola's movies (2000's 'The Virgin Suicides,' 2003's 'Lost in Translation' and 2006's 'Marie Antoinette'), the pair has also written music for a live theater reading of a novel (2003's 'City Reading') and a 2012 album based on the pioneering 1902 sci-fi film 'A Trip to the Moon.'

So it's not all that surprising that Air have provided the soundtrack to an exhibit at Palais De Beaux Arts De Lille, which is located just outside of Paris. The ambient and experimental tracks on 'Music for Museum' — inspired by the artwork of Linda Bujoli, Mathias Kiss, Xavier Veilhan and Yi Zhou — have been playing on eight speakers suspended from the glass roof at the heart of the venue since April as part of its 'Open Museum 2014' project.

Museum curator curator Regis Cotentin said in a statement that inviting Air to write music based on the exhibit's contemporary art was an easy decision. “This choice was a fairly obvious [one]: The music of Air inspires mental images, suggests a fantasy film," he said. "This is music that creates images and stimulates the imagination.”

The exhibit will continue through Aug. 24, but if you can't swing by France by then, the video below will give you a taste of what you're missing: