As Alabama Shakes continue to remain one of the most talked-about new bands around, they're starting to experience the benefits of their newfound fame. In a recent interview on their current European tour, lead singer Brittany Howard opens up about the changes stardom has brought them.

"I’d like to be able to tell you that life for the Shakes is no different from what it was a little while back, that the only change is people know the words to our songs now and so can sing along" she told the Scotsman. "But I’m not going to pretend it’s not a whole lot of surreal.”

In addition to traveling all over the world, playing bigger and better venues and (hopefully) making some good money for their hard work, they're also discovering that their music is being heard by some big names. Not only have they met and performed in front of one of their heroes, Led Zepplin singer Robert Plant, but they even got to stay at his house in Austin when they played SXSW last month.

"Lovely place but we’re pretty sure it’s haunted,” Howard added. “I wouldn’t just say that, but sinks would turn on by themselves and there would be a knock at the door but no one there. Do you think the house could have been used for some weird Satanic ritual?”