Albert Elmore is very much his own animal, even among members of the scene in which he participates. While many "artists" concern themselves with continuity of genre or brand recognition, more like tech start-ups than musicians, Elmore has always operated with the mindset that the product comes first. Never married to one style or performing moniker, the electronic solo artist has been known in the past as Jon Jacob 3, Never Say DJ Fred Equipment and James St. Murder Laden Mitten Wonder. He's also undertaken an extensive list of collaborative projects.

In preparation for his next as-yet-untitled full-length vinyl release, we offer up Elmore's single ‘Tiahnei (excerpt)-2’ as today's free MP3. The track carries a markedly ponderous feel, even though it's quite succinct. It'll make you picture yourself sitting on a cliff over a washed-out gray-green body of water -- probably an ocean as opposed to a lake -- with your chin resting on your knuckles, considering existence, or some other open-ended thought-piece.

"The title 'Tiahnei' was sort of inspired from Plaid's latest album 'Scintilli,'" Elmore says of the single. "The melody was derived from something written by Christian Fennesz ... most of my work is sourced from a bunch of different original music."

When we asked Albert what the impetus was for his latest change in direction, he added, "Just trying to move away from making really aggressive music with massive amounts of swear words for a bit and get more into the big feels."

Elmore's last album, released on Totally Gross National Product (Spyder Babie Raw Dog, Polica) is available here. Keep up with new about his next album here.
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