AM & Shawn Lee came together over a “mutual love of vintage French and Italian soundtrack music and '80s digital effects." Naturally, due to its cinematic quality and dated '80 timbre, Joe Jackson's 'Steppin' Out' is a perfect classic for the electronic duo to cover. At the same time, the pair knew it would test their abilities.

"I think when Shawn first presented 'Steppin' Out,' we were both a little worried but a little excited, and I think that's a good thing -- you don't want to feel like, 'Oh I got this,'" AM told "You want to feel like, 'I hope I got this.'"

"I think when you're doing a cover, you're looking for ways to put your own kind of stamp on it and do something slightly different, but still respecting the original song," Lee added.

When they group isn't covering Joe Jackson, they release skillfully crafted electronic pop, soul, R&B and psychedelia originals. Keep up with the guys here.

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