A fine group of young indie music craftsman, Minneapolis' American Youth are a band after Urban Outfitters music director Dryw Scully's heart.

These chaps aren't simply fit for UO in-stores, though. They're road-weathered, and they've had their crosses to bear. Through the band, which isn't their first, they give voice to 20-somethings everywhere who, through age, have come to realize exactly what a state our country is in.

"We think our name, American Youth, says it all, as we are the current generation of Americans and, damn it, we're not really pleased with the garbage we've been left to clean up," multi-instrumentalist and founding member Ben Garrett explains. "We've got a hell of a lot to say and a lot more to accomplish as a band, thus we're working fervently to let the cork out of the bottle on our next record and really air out some of our dirty laundry."

"As a writer, I'm always trying to convey the visceral and empathetic thoughts that run through my mind on an hourly basis and hopefully shed some positive and reactionary light on the mess of the mind," he adds.

We can confirm that, aside from being well-spoken and thoughtful, Garrett conveys empathy quite clearly in the beautiful planes-wanderer's anthem 'Sojourner.'

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