The family of Amy Winehouse paid tribute to the late singer last week, celebrating what would have been her 29th birthday by announcing the impressive total raised by her memorial foundation. Later in the weekend, they paused to say farewell to Winehouse's mortal remains, burying her ashes in a ceremony held on Sunday (Sept. 16).

The burial was held in North London, where a crowd of 70 gathered to watch friends and family unveil Winehouse's headstone -- reportedly made from black stone and engraved with "pink writing and a picture of a songbird"  -- and listen to her father, Mitch, deliver a eulogy praising her "short but dynamic" life.

Winehouse's ashes were buried near the memorial in a plot marked by a rose. According to reports, the headstone also includes a tribute to the singer's grandmother, Cynthia Levy.

As reported last week, the Amy Winehouse Foundation has raised nearly $375,000 in the year since her death. Much of that money has already been distributed to various causes, and the charity hopes to top $800,000 by the end of the year. In other Winehouse news, a tribute to the singer's life is being planned for 2013, coinciding with what would have been her 30th birthday.