Yesterday we reported the news that Blake Fielder-Civil, the ex-husband of the late Amy Winehouse, was reportedly in a coma after a drinking binge. Today, we learn that he is showing "small signs of improvement," according to his girlfriend, Sarah Aspin.

Last Saturday (Aug. 4), Aspin woke up and, as NME reported, "heard a horrid scratching and grating breathing sound. I looked round and saw Blake lying there completely grey. His eyes were rolled back and his mouth was locked together." He was rushed to a hospital in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England, where doctors induced a coma.

Aspin and Fielder-Civil have a 15-month old son together. She told the Daily Mail, "He needs to come out of this, if not for me or himself then for Jack. Jack is only young but knows something is wrong. He has been calling for his dadda. I’m praying for him and would ask everybody to do the same. I know he is going to pull through – he keeps waking up."

Fielder-Civil and Winehouse, who died in July 2011, were married from May 2007 until August 2009, during which time the couple became tabloid fodder for their drunken exploits, which occasionally turned violent. Fielder was imprisoned for eight months during their marriage following an assault on a pub owner. Two weeks ago, he was released from a Leeds prison after serving two years for armed robbery.