Sounds like we've sadly heard everything we ever will from Amy Winehouse.

During the official unveiling of a sculpture of the late singer in London on what would've been her 31st birthday on Saturday (Sept. 13), her father, Mitch Winehouse, said although there are widely unheard versions of songs from 2006's 'Back to Black,' he feels like it would be "ripping off" fans to release them.

"We're not about to put out new albums with different takes on 'Back To Black,' he told BBC News. "She probably did 15 different versions of 'Back To Black,' but we wouldn't do that, it's not fair. We don't want to rip people off. There is no more new music."

'Back to Black' was Winehouse's second album and mainstream breakthrough, leading to five Grammy awards. It was also her last before dying of alcohol poisoning in July 2011.

When Mitch Winehouse was asked about those who oppose the statue, he said, "Let them come and take it down. They'll have to fight their way through millions of fans who do think it should be there."

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