Them Canadians sure know how to make a great hardcore punk rock tune. Vancouver's Anchoress is an out-of-control loudfest of lude, brash distortionism, and their single 'Zombies on a Plane' rolls all that into a terrifying mid-air ordeal.

"'Zombies,' lyrically, is our version of one of those low-budget Asylum monster movies -- lots of wacky antics and pop culture references thrown into a zombie story," the band tells

"My highest hope for this song is that it inspires someone to make a film based on it -- and if they can get Samuel L. Jackson involved, I would like him to play every role," the fellas add. "Think about it, it's practically a license to print money!"

With the current popularity of Syfy's 'Sharknado,' we're sure 'Zombies on a Plane' could be turned into a fantastic D-grade horror movie. Perhaps the only way to keep the zombies at bay, isolated in coach, is to play some hardcore tunes worthy of flesh-eating humanoids. Just think about it. Then, do it. We're looking at you, Sam Jackson. Make this happen!

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