Animal Collective are planning to drop a new 7" single this June, but you don't need to wait until then to hear it. The band has gone ahead and released both news songs, 'Honeycomb' and 'Gotham,' on its website, and you can hear them now for free.

The single, which contains the new tracks 'Honeycomb' and 'Gotham,' follows April's 'Transverse Temporal Gyrus' EP, a Record Store Day exclusive that was printed in an extremely limited 5,000-copy run. The band's last full-length effort, 2010's 'ODDSAC,' was a "visual album" that was released concurrently with an experimental film shot by director Danny Perez. Their most recent standard long-player was 2009's 'Merriweather Post Pavilion,' the critically acclaimed platter that landed atop more than its share of year-end best-of lists.

These two tracks showcase Animal Collective's eclectic sound, with the upbeat 'Honeycomb' and its wild, beeps-and-blips percussion likely to be a concert favorite, and the guitar-driven 'Gotham' bringing a more somber, reflective vibe. Dare we call it an Animal Collective ballad?

Have a listen to 'Honeycomb' and 'Gotham' below, then head over to Animal Collective's site to pre-order your copy of the 7", which is scheduled for a June 26 release.

Listen to Animal Collective's 'Honeycomb' and 'Gotham'