Two days before Christmas, Anna Calvi unleashes ‘Suddenly,’ a cut from her fall-released second album ‘One Breath.’ The new video for 'Suddenly' can be seen below. The track will be available on 7-inch vinyl and digitally, both backed with a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Fire.’

Calvi, who follows gigs in New York and Los Angeles with a winter 2014 tour through Europe, paired with her longtime creative collaborator, Emma Nathan, to direct the clip. Matching the darkly sensuous song, Nathan chose an appropriately moody noir with close-ups of Calvi singing, leaning against a window as life goes by outside.

“The song connected with me in a filmic way, it spoke of black and white, late 40's, classic, emotional, Billy Wilder and Douglas Sirk,” says Nathan. “These were the images I got when listening to ‘Suddenly,’ those of deeply withheld emotion and extreme release.’