The first song from Aphex Twin's first album in 13 years is now online and it didn't even take a blimp to let us know.

After teasing the existence of 'Syro' in the skies above London and in graffiti on the streets of New York and announcing it on the deep web, Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) has gone a far more traditional route to unveil the first new song by posting 'minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]' to YouTube. Listen to the track below.

James recently told Rolling Stone it's a golden age for electronica and digital technology. “It’s taken people a long time to work these new tools out, and now it’s just kind of like an acoustic guitar,” he said. “We’re half-cyborg already, whether we like it or not. Everything is based on computers -- our whole economy, and most of our creative pursuits, as well. We’re not physically connected to them, but that doesn’t mean they’re not part of our brains.”

'Syro' is expected to drop Sept. 23 via Warp.

Aphex Twin -- 'minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]'