While we feel quite comfortable calling Arcade Fire one of the biggest bands around, 'CBS Sunday Morning' doesn't exactly share the same sentiment; so, to make sure the world knows all there is to know about Montreal's eclectic rock and roll outfit, Anthony Mason dove in deep with the band's frontman, Win Butler, and his wife and multi-instrumentalist, Régine Chassagne. Watch the footage in the video above.

As the episode begins, Mason's voiceover states, “They’ve won a Grammy and charted two No. 1 albums. If you haven’t yet made their acquaintance, this is Arcade Fire.” With a Grammy and two chart-topping records, it's hard to imagine Arcade Fire slipping through the cracks, but even Butler understands they aren't as recognizable as they should be.

“We’ve been introducing ourselves for 15 years," he tells Mason in the episode. "I wonder at what point we won’t have to keep introducing ourselves all the time.”

In addition to the interview that aired on CBS this morning (Oct. 19), the channel also shared web exclusive videos for die-hard fans. From covering Arcade Fire being a "family" band of sorts to one of Chassagne's earliest gigs singing at a supermarket, check out the three extra videos below: