The Arctic Monkeys have unveiled the video for a new track called 'R U Mine?' The black-and -white clip features the band furiously playing air drums in the back seat of a car as they rock out to their own song.

The video is based around a pretty simple concept. Band members hear their song playing on the radio and play air drums in the backseat while singing along to the lyrics, "And I go crazy cause here isn't where I wanna be / And satisfaction feels like a distant memory / And I can't help myself / All I wanna hear her say is 'Are you mine?'"

Near the end, we see a bit of air guitar during the solo, followed by the band performing the song on an outdoor stage. There's also a cowgirl in a mask who makes a brief appearance. We have no idea what her purpose is, but she adds a cool sense of mystery to the unusual video.

'R U Mine?' does not appear on the group's latest effort, 'Suck It and See.' The song has a bit of a punchy, Black Keys kind of vibe, which is cool since Arctic Monkeys will be hitting the road with the Black Keys starting this weekend for a two-month U.S. tour.

Watch the Arctic Monkeys 'R U Mine?' Video