In his music videos, Ariel Pink has always had a knack for making "average Joes" as eccentric as they can be -- and for his latest effort, 'Dayzed Inn Daydreams,' he take a look at the life of an aging glam rock star. Check it out above.

"The video is the story of a man, played by Rick Wilder, who was once the frontman of a band that existed decades ago," video director Grant Singer told Rolling Stone. "Through a series of scenes depicting his everyday life, we tell his story."

From the moment Wilder -- who's the former frontman of Los Angeles band Mau-Mau -- gets up for his shift at the local grocery store to visiting a nursing home, you see him struggle between living his mundane routine life while still wanting to be the rockstar he used to be. We see it more when he ventures to a bar to do a karaoke-like performance of the actual single; while he's giving it his all, the crowd looks on unimpressed by his moves. By the end of the video, he chats with a young girl named Angel, who asks him for a cigarette.

'Dayzed Inn Daydreams' is off Ariel Pink's latest, 'Pom Pom,' out now via 4AD.