Boston cross-genre darlings Art Decade are celebrating the release of their cinematic debut full-length, 'Western Sunrise.'

Yet another gem from the scene that brought you Passion Pit and Bad Rabbits, Art Decade make music reminiscent of the ballad-heavy Brit-pop we've grown to love from the likes of Oasis. Theirs, however, is built on a strong foundation of Freddie Mercury-style theater, Joni Mitchellesque melodies and made-for-Disney string arrangements, all of which help the group transcend an otherwise unadventurous, albeit consistent and sturdy, genre.

"'Breeze' holds the essence of the whole album," singer guitarist Ben Talmi told "It's about day dreaming the impossible and hopeless love."

Indeed, the track turned out as romantically possessing as any good daydream, and we expect big things from Art Decade.

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