The formation of Arthur Channel was somewhat serendipitous. Drummer Jack Irons -- he of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pear Jam fame -- and Wallflowers bassist Greg Richling were seeking an unknown musician to front their new project. Singer-songwriter Jon Greene, who'd sent a three-song demo to Irons, came to fill that role, and with the addition of Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Eleven), they were on their way.

As Arthur Channel prep for the Oct. 15 of their self-titled debut, has an exclusive premiere of the album's second single, ‘Thirst of the Universe,' a heftily titled song with an equally hefty sound. It’s the kind of arena-sized rock you’d expect from a supergroup of this magnitude, but Greene also brings a compelling thoughtfulness to his performance and songwriting.

When it came to the recording, Irons tells that he worked the boards and broke out a beloved set of skins.

“We recorded ‘Thirst of the Universe’ and all the basics at my place, so I was the engineer for all the basic full-band tracks,” Irons says. “I remember using my stainless steel drum set for this recording, which is one of my favorites (used quite a bit on Pearl Jam’s ‘Yield’).”

“‘Thirst’ has probably the most band participation writing-wise," he adds. "It came after we had started working together and recording. I like that it propels, and I have to push it drum-wise. It’s a fun one to play live.”