Today marks the release of 'Varsity,' the debut EP from New York City dance-pop duo ASTR, and to commemorate the occasion, group members Zoe and Adam made Diffuser a playlist of their 10 favorite pop and R&B jams. These are the tunes they'd blast if given the run of your stereo, and while it's an eclectic mix -- club hits, Top 40 classics and even lovesick anthems to blast from boomboxes hoisted dramatically overhead -- none will strike fans as particularly surprising. Neither too house-y nor too poppy, 'Varsity' is the product of two people with keen ears for hooks and beats, and should they volunteer to man your iPod or turntable, take our advice and step aside. Scroll down to read their selections and song commentaries, and check out their Facebook page for more info.

  • 'Always Be My Baby'

    Mariah Carey

    Every riff, every word, I know by heart, and I grew up listening to Mariah Carey. This song just feels so good and reminds me of summer time. Pure nostalgia.

  • 'Waiting All Night'


    This song hit us so hard. Ella Eyre is a powerhouse vocalist who sings with such intensity. We went to see Rudimental, and when this song came on we just went off. So much fun to dance to.

  • 'Titanium'

    David Guetta ft. Sia

    Sia is arguably the best songwriter around right now. Her voice is so sultry, and this song is explosive. The melody is so strong, and while we usually don't love Guetta this one is undeniably great.

  • 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody'

    Whitney Houston

    Just a massive pop song that still makes you want to sing along. Perfect for all occasions, especially karaoke.

  • 'Rock the Boat'


    This song is sexy as hell and super inspiring to us. It's soft but impactful. Number one hookup song.

  • 'Paranoid'

    Kanye West

    Kanye is a true artist, and we love his own unique approach to R&B. There's something very catchy about this song. It feels good and just drives.

  • 'Rock With You'

    Michel Jackson

    King of Pop. He inspired everybody to do the damn thing. It's timeless and absolutely perfect from top to bottom.

  • 'In Your Eyes'

    Peter Gabriel

    A brilliant love song that's passionate but doesn't feel sappy. This might be one of the best pop songs you forget you love until you hear it again. So good.

  • 'Finally'

    Cece Peniston

    One of our favorite things about music in the '90s was soulful house music. This takes us back to listening to WKTU in the car as a kid. It feels super relevant now.

  • 'Latch'


    When this came out it was on heavy rotation along with the entire album. Disclosure reminded everyone how much R&B and house music belong together. Those falsetto vocals from Sam Smith absolutely lift off.