Audi and Efterklang, together at last? The German automobile manufacture has recruited the Danish indie act's song 'Modern Drift' to soundtrack its Audi brand film/commercial, and the pairing works.

A brand film is, as they say in the ad business, a "strategic, stylized documentary about your brand." Basically, it's used to promote an entire brand's message, often with highfalutin concepts, abstract ideas and bad puns. "Everyday the world gets more complex, and this is what inspires us to create new technology," a man intones over the Audi brand film in a serious voice. "Technology that connects us to everything the world has to offer, and vice versa." It's pretty ridiculous stuff, but somehow Efterklang's music makes it that much less so.

'Modern Drift' is the lead track off of Efterkland's third and most recent album, 'Magic Chairs,' which dropped in 2010. They make sweeping, dramatic music that has garnered comparisons to Arcade Fire and their ilk, with Efterkland live shows especially noteworthy -- they perform as an eight-piece band. That's the perfect soundtrack fodder for a brand film, where the music can pick up when the limits of big words and bigger concepts are reached. Or something like that.

Hear Efterklang's 'Modern Drift' in the Audi Brand Film/Commerical