Avicii cancelled appearances at the Future Music Festival in Brisbane and Perth, Australia, last weekend after an illness and “stomach related issues” landed him in the hospital, but the superstar DJ isn't going to let health woes derail this weekend's scheduled gigs in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Avicii reveals that he's postponed gallbladder surgery so he can make the trio of performances.

"Finally out of the hospital and on recovery mode and trying to pull everything together in order to do as many shows as possible," he wrote in a series of posts that appeared on his Twitter feed. "I was gonna remove my gallbladder now which might be behind all of this too but luckily im able to do that at a later time! Right now Im just really relieved to be out of the hospital and to be able do the shows that I can."

The next concerts on Avicii's itinerary are March 15 and 16 in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The following weekend, he heads to Miami for the Ultra Music Festival. Check out his schedule here.