There’s just not enough funk in this world.

Fortunately, New York City-based artist Ayler Young is doing everything he can to bring his unique blend of funk rock and heartfelt soul to the masses. With his latest studio album, ‘Portal,’ set for release tomorrow (Sept. 9), Diffuser is excited to give you the chance to hear the record in its entirety before it hits store shelves. Stream the 13 brand-new tracks in the player below.

"'Portal' is a gateway to another place," Young tells Diffuser. "I liked the idea of being able to lead people through to a different realm or state-of-mind. I want that journey to be whatever people make of it and I just hope they enjoy the ride."

It's not uncommon for that ride to to take several turns, rather it be a raucous one, like with the album opener 'Let It Go,' or a more poignant turn, like with 'Arms Around You.' That's all just a part of the listening experience.

"Everything I see, anything I feel, the people I'm playing with, the mood I'm in ... everything around you has an effect on you, every song you listen to growing up changes you," the songwriter explains. "Luckily, my parents have great taste in music and some of my ex-girlfriends had awful taste in music, so I owe a lot to them all because when it came to writing this collection of songs I already knew where my inspiration was and what kind of album I wanted to put my name to."

As for the album's sound, it's simple: "I'm a purist, I just want the music to be authentic and honest. No drum machines, no cliches. I would buy it!"

Listen to 'Portal':

And beyond just creating music, Young knows a thing or two about making authentic music videos, specifically his latest for the track 'Can't Buy Me Love.'

What makes this particular video especially genuine is the fact that Young filmed it in and around New Orleans; after Hurricane Katrina, Young was involved in major fundraising efforts for the city and because of that, was awarded a key to the city and had an Honorary Day of Citizenship named after him. Watch 'Can't Buy Me Love' below:

‘Portal’ was recorded at the Mission Sound Studio in Brooklyn and features Grammy Award-winning guitarist Simon Katz, pianist Erik Deutsch, flautist Jay Rodriguez and drummer Tony Mason, as well as back-up singer Bridget Barkan. Get details on the LP and everything else happening in Young's world at his official website here.