After working with producer Steven Gillis and Transient Sound Productions in Chicago, AyOH celebrated the release of their sophomore EP, Dangerous Questions, earlier this year.

Comprised of frontman Avi Dell, drummer John Arrotti, bassist Lin Takrudtong and guitarist Austin Russell, AyOH have been crafting their unique brand of indie pop rock since 2011. Today (May 4), Diffuser is thrilled to partner with AyOH to premiere their latest track, “Lion to the Lamb,” and offer a free download of the tune -- check it out in the audio player below.

“‘Lion to the Lamb’ is about the choices people face everyday,” the band tells us. “Within each of us is a character to be played in the narrative of life. Every morning we choose which role to embody: winner or loser, aggressor or victor, actor or bystander, Lion or Lamb. What starts out as a song seemingly about relationships blossoms into a tale of self discovery.”

After downloading "Lion to the Lamb," make sure to head over to AyOH's official website to grab details on their current tour itinerary and Dangerous Questions.