B.E. Godfrey is currently building a rep for blending folk and indie rock, and then spinning that mix on its head. You'll get an even deeper appreciation for the Houston native's eccentricities in his new video for 'Get Your Gun.'

Taking a lo-fi DIY approach, the clip appears to have been recorded on old-fashioned tape sometime in the '80s or '90s, when time stamps were the norm. But this isn't anything like your mom's home movies. After the intro credits, there's a shot of a man wrapped in plastic. Pay attention: It's foreshadowing the end of the moody, eerie video.

You can watch 'Get Your Gun' -- an exclusive premiere -- above.

But don't think you've got this one figured out. Godfrey drops some clues along the way, with all those heavy plastic bags and sketchy evening strolls through back alleys.

The song comes from Godfrey's just-released debut EP, 'Wild Desperation.'