If the guys of Bad Cop are going for the bad end of the good-cop-bad-cop spectrum, then mission accomplished. Their new EP, ‘Light On,’ captures the Nashville foursome’s reckless abandon and simultaneously loud and insanely catchy sound. In other words: bad in the good way.

Diffuser.fm is stoked to exclusively premiere a remix of the EP's title track. Nashville producer SOSA has updated the tune by adding swirling beats and injecting an explosive energy to the already-raucous song.

“SOSA is a good, close friend,” Bad Cop singer Adam Moult tells Diffuser.fm. “[SOSA] saw us play and was dying to remix a track. We said ‘yeah,’ and it came out well.”

"After I saw them play 'Light On' at Stone Fox for my first time, I had a bright idea," SOSA says. "I was going to have to speed up the track before I broke it down. Then I talked to Adam after the show, and he said he wanted to keep the guitar riff in tact, so that's what we did."

SOSA’s remix adds even more emphasis to the song’s recurring line, “I still kill myself in my mind.” It’s a dark message, one Moult wrote after seeing bandmate Alex Hartness nearly die from an overdose. The singer says the new EP is ultimately about overcoming the group’s past hardships and turning them into something positive, and the outcome was ‘Light On.’

“This record is me coming to the end of the negativity and knowing and accepting that there’s something better,” Moult says.