Australian rockers Bad//Dreems have been a part of the underground indie rock scene for awhile, but with their latest single, 'My Only Friend,' we get the feeling they'll be in the spotlight in the very near future. Today (Sept. 4), Diffuser is teaming up with Bad//Dreems to debut the music video (stateside) for the track. Watch 'My Only Friend' above.

"The idea of creating music as 'outsiders' is an important creative goal -- to stay independent of scenes or movements and attempt to create our own legacy," guitarist Alex Cameron tells us about his band's attitude. That idea of staying away from mainstream influences is quite evident in Bad//Dreems' past releases, including their debut EP, 'Badlands.'

While 'My Only Friend' might be a bit more polished than the music that precedes it, it still perfectly captures the raw and dynamic foundation of the band. Cameron explains, "Musically, it is important for us to capture some of what we consider to be an antipodean sound. For 'My Only Friend,' we got our mate Ben Helweg -- who helped make some of our previous music videos -- to piece together scraps of footage that people sent in."

Throughout the video, fans will notice special cameos from record producer Mark Opitz, Australian punk rockers Gooch Palms and Ben Andrews from My Disco.

With their gritty, yet somehow polished garage rock sound, it only makes sense that Bad//Dreems team up with the likes of the Black Keys -- and that's exactly what they're doing. For two dates in April 2015, Bad//Dreems will be providing support to the American duo, along with Spiderbait and the Band of Skulls. Get details on the shows here.

And if you like what you hear, get familiar with Bad//Dreems' entire catalog at their official website.