'Mirage Rock,' the fourth album by Band of Horses, will be released on Sept. 17. After scoring a No. 7 album in 2010 with 'Infinite Arms,' the Seattle-based group brought in a heavy hitter to work behind the boards for the follow-up: legendary producer Glyn Johns.

"It seemed like a long shot, but he agreed to at least come out for a show in Washington, D.C. and we all hit it off so somehow it all lined up," frontman Ben Bridwell told NME. "He influenced everything; he became another member of the band basically. It was absolutely natural. Sometimes you meet people and it feels like the stars are aligned."

Johns is one of the most famous producers in rock history, having worked with such big names as the Rolling Stones, the Who and Led Zeppelin. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year. Bridwell says Johns' work on so many classic albums helped shape the direction of the sound.

"It felt like a tribute somehow to everything he's brought to the world with rock 'n' roll," he continued. "I guess it's more rallying and with a bit more of a blues influence since we recorded everything live. Glyn really helped us to trim the fat and figure out where we're at in our career."