They don't call it the "Super Bore" for nothing. Super Bowl XLVII, like so many Super Bowls in recent years, may turn out to be a real snooze-fest on the field, but it's the scheduled entertainment between halves that already promises little in the way of real entertainment for those who aren't fans of pop music. Then again, you never know who may show up as a guest at these things. Chris Martin, whose band, Coldplay, played a show with Beyonce's husband, Jay-Z, on New Year's Eve in New York City, is certainly a long shot as a special onstage guest, but it's a possibility. But enough about Beyonce -- let's daydream for a second about our dream picks for Super Bowl halftime entertainment. Here's our list of 7 Bands That Should Be Rocking Super Bowl XLVII Instead of Beyonce.

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    Pearl Jam

    You could make a case that these anti-corporate crusaders would never play an event like the Super Bowl, but PJ circa 2013 are a different animal than the band that took on Ticketmaster back in the day. Last year's Cameron Crowe documentary 'PJ 20' showed that Eddie Vedder and the boys have mellowed with age and learned to pick their fights. Pearl Jam are perhaps the most classic rock-like of the '90s alternative bands, and the Super Bowl halftime stage has historically welcomed classic rockers with open arms. Make it happen, Eddie!

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    The Black Keys

    The Black Keys have exploded in the last few years, but are they big enough to play the Super Bowl? Maybe, maybe not -- but if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell really wants to target the younger demographic (and look hip in the process), this garage-rock duo is the obvious hip choice.

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    Green Day

    Who said punks and jocks don't mix? OK, pretty much anybody who ever stepped foot inside a high school has said that -- but we're not in high school anymore, and Green Day are so big now that they've single-handedly expanded the acceptance of punks in mainstream society. They also have a deep well of hits to choose from, which is always welcomed at halftime.

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    Epic British rock kings Muse embark on an arena tour of North America next month, but they could easily win over a massive stadium crowd like the Superdome and its capacity of 70,000 fans -- and another billion viewers around the globe watching on the TV. Muse played the closing ceremony of the Olympics last summer, but NBC neglected to air it over here in the States, to the massive disappointment of the band's loyal fans. A spot on a Super Bowl bill would easily make up for that.

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    Foo Fighters

    This choice almost seems too obvious. In a recent poll of Rolling Stone readers, Foo Fighters were far and away the top pick to provide Super Bowl halftime entertainment, and the band certainly does have a deep catalog of appropriately anthemic hits. ('My Hero,' anybody?) This year wouldn't have worked out because the band is on hiatus while Dave Grohl focuses on his 'Sound City' movie, but don't be surprised when they rock the Bowl in the near future. It's gonna happen.

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    The Killers

    These glitzy Vegas synth-rockers have their own arsenal of rock anthems and an epic, larger-than-life sound that would translate well both for fans in the the Superdome and those watching at home. And since Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty have both played the Bowl in recent years, singer Brandon Flowers' Springsteen-meets-Petty schtick is sure to rock the house. Viva la Killers!

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    Pussy Riot

    We tried to think of the most outlandish and absurd choice possible for Super Bowl halftime entertainment -- and then expanded our options to the impossible. That's when we came up with Pussy Riot, the Russian punk band with several members currently imprisoned for protesting against President Vladimir Putin by conducting a “punk prayer” in a Moscow church. Their music is a raucous, amateurish and fiercely political approach to punk rock, and never in a million years would Pussy Riot ever be asked to play the Super Bowl -- and that's exactly why they are our top choice for the gig.

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