Another new Bat for Lashes track has surfaced in advance of singer Natasha Khan's forthcoming album, 'The Haunted Man,' which drops in the U.S. on Oct. 23. Following lead single 'Laura' by nearly two months is 'Marilyn,' which continues the trend of female names in the title but dispenses with the former tune's minimalist backing instrumentation in favor a fleshed-out and lush production more in tune with her last album, 'Two Suns.'

"I think the haunted man comes up throughout the album, and for me he represents lots of different figures in my history, and in my family," Khan told during a recent exclusive interview, during which she discusses the new album, its controversial cover art and more. "I’ve been haunted with his burden in terms of my relationships and things I’ve done, and I think the album’s about being haunted — feeling those things. And letting it go."

Bat for Lashes' music certainly can be described as haunted, and 'Marilyn' continues that vibe in spades. While we still have a while to wait to hear the rest of the album, we certainly don't expect the remaining songs to break the spell.

Listen to Bat for Lashes' 'Marilyn'