Bat for Lashes fans will have to wait until this fall to hear 'The Haunted Man,' the follow-up to singer Natasha Khan's critically acclaimed 2009 album, 'Two Suns,' in its entirety. But some very lucky fans got a sneak peak of the disc this past week in Cambridge, England, when she performed three new tunes during an intimate club show there.

So far, we have to say we like what we've heard. The first new one, a cut titled 'Laura' that's pegged to be the album's first single, is a sparse, piano-driven ballad that showcases Khan's vocal acrobatics -- and may or may not be a bit more fleshed out in recorded form (it's pretty minimalist here). Another new one, 'Marilyn,' is performed with a great depth of focus, with drum machines and spooky keys providing the majority of the backing instrumentation.

The third track debut, 'A Wall,' most sounds like the Bats for Lashes we know and love -- yet also is a leap forward, showing a new songwriting maturity on the part of Khan. The live version was mostly just pre-recorded instrumentation with her vocals sung live on top, so it could very well turn out to be the actual backing track on the album. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Watch Bat for Lashes Perform 'Laura' Live

Watch Bat for Lashes Perform 'Marilyn' Live

Watch Bat for Lashes Perform 'A Wall' Live