Florence + the Machine recently had to nix a few European gigs due to singer Florence Welch's vocal problems. Obviously that didn't get in the way of the band's 'Seven Devils' being featured in the latest trailer commercial for the BBC Series, 'Shakespeare Unlocked' -- yet it is an instrumental version of the tune that is used in the BBC preview clip.

That's right, the aspect of Florence + the Machine that stands out the most -- Welch's haunting, ethereal voice -- doesn't even make an appearance in the ad. That said, the instrumental version still works as the perfect soundtrack, accompanying a sequence of 'Game of Thrones'-like images that feature everything from ballroom debauchery and knights on horses to hippie-like wood nymphs -- or at least that what it looks like.

"How did one man capture what it is to be human?" asks the tagline at the end, referring of course to the legendary 16th century English bard. "'Shakespeare Unlocked': A season of programs across the BBC," it concludes. Much like Shakespeare, Florence Welch has a similar skill when it comes to expressing the human condition -- she just happens to be more effective at it when she has her voice.

Hear Florence + the Machine's 'Seven Devils' in the BBC 'Shakespeare Unlocked' Trailer