Baltimore, Md.-based Beach House are gearing up to release their fourth studio album, 'Bloom,' on May 15. In case you were a law-abiding citizen and didn't download the record when it leaked back in March, NPR is currently streaming 'Bloom' in its entirety.

Beach House stay consistent with their dream pop sound on the new album. Singer and organist Victoria Legrand's smooth and sultry vocals invade your mind and don't leave, while the atmospheric melodies that bandmate Alex Scally provides paint a prettier picture in your head.

Beneath the ethereal compositions are themes of lost love, heartache and the struggle to move on. "The contact that you make / The moment when a memory aches / Who can tell," Legrand sings on 'Wishes.' "You do it well / Wishes on a wheel / How's it supposed to feel?"

If you didn't hear the lyrics, one might think 'Wishes' is a lost track from the Cure's classic album 'Disintegration.' Listen to 'Bloom' from beginning to end below.

Beach House are currently on the road to promote 'Bloom.' The duo announced a string of new tour dates for the month of July that includes appearances at the Forestcastle Festival in Louisville, Ky. on July 13, and the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, Ill. on July 15.