Diffuser.fm was stoked to premiere Bear Language’s debut album, ‘Rememory,’ when it dropped back in June. Today, we’re equally excited to offer one of its tracks, ‘Meet Me Outside,’ for free download.

The Boston trio stuck to their stomping grounds when it came time to record ‘Rememory.’ They enlisted their friend Andrew Sarlo to producer and engineer the album at Sanctum Sound in Boston, while Joe Lambert (Local Natives, Animal Collective) mastered the record.

‘Meet Me Outside’ is a good summation of Bear Language’s debut effort. The trio creates a beautiful and spacious sonic landscape that is equal parts melancholic vocals and powerful beats and riffs. The emotion conveyed make the song's central plea, “Meet me outside,” downright urgent.

“We wanted to write a record that rocked, undeniably," the band tells Diffuser.fm. "We all have versatile tastes in music and hope to have the opportunity to share our growth as musicians by releasing records, kind of like our idols. The song ‘Meet Me Outside’ represents an overambitious lover’s interaction with his self-destructive counterpart.”

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