Outside of Saddle Creek Records, Omaha, Neb., has long been a big secret in music circles, best kept by limelight-shy diehard musicians like the boys in Bear Stories. This young and humble group of dedicated songwriters have fallen in and out of numerous projects with one another and an extended circle of friends. Now, it seems, with the help of the Make Believe Records collective, the group will finally have the resources they need to expose their talents.

"'Digging Graves Underwater' is my personal favorite off our record, 'Everything We've Grown to Know,'" guitarist Nick Vieregger told Diffuser.fm "The song was almost completed before I rejoined the band after a brief hiatus. They released a few demos, and this was the only song we wanted to keep from that period. Recording this song for the record was a blast; I changed my guitar part for the bridge right at the last minute, which inspired Tristan, our singer, to add vocals. We spent hours doing weird harmonies, yelling in different corners of the room. It was great. We're also in the process of filming a music video for this song. Be on the look out!"

Bear Stories' enthusiasm for the creative process is unmistakable, and If you're into Manchester Orchestra, Mumford & Sons or Circa Survive, give this a chance.

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