Beck rose to prominence largely thanks to his uniquely lazy hip-hop flow, but he hasn't rapped on record in quite a few years -- or at least he hadn't before 'Community' star Donald Glover, a.k.a. the indie MC Childish Gambino, asked Beck to guest on his new track 'Silk Pillow.'

It's part of a rash of audio activity for Beck, who also recently released a new single with Jack White, 'I Just Started Hating Some People Today,' and reflective of the speedy, prolific work ethic favored by younger hip-hop artists like Gambino; as he told his Twitter followers on May 30, 'Silk Pillow' is being offered as part of his latest mixtape.

The song, available for free download at the Childish Gambino website, comes with an explanation (sort of) for how Beck came to appear on the track -- a story about Gambino hearing the voice of what he initially believed to be 'White Jesus,' until he "became educated thru the youtube videos that my Caucasianite homie showed me" and realized he was hearing "the muthaf---- who made the joint 'Loser' back in the early 90s."

So there you have it, and here it is: A 'Silk Pillow' for your ears. Stream the track below and let us know what you think.

Listen to Beck and Childish Gambino's 'Silk Pillow'